Introduction to the Sustainability of Positivity

I had to correct 2 misconceptions before starting this blog. 

Someone once told me that happiness is a choice; that I just have to wake up in the morning and decide that I’m going to have a good day and it’ll happen. As a realistic person, my first thought was “That’s BS..”. I denied it because I assumed that people couldn’t control what happens to them, and I thought it was impossible to be positive when something bad happened. 

I was wrong. You can’t always control the things that happen to you, but you can control how you feel and react. 

You got fired? You have the chance to find a better opportunity. 

Your boyfriend broke up with you? Sis, he probably wasn’t worth your time anyway. You get to find the guy who fights for your attention. 

You gained 10 pounds? Well, that sucks. Now it’s time to find an active hobby that you’re passionate about. You get the chance to make changes that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

The point is, you can choose to find the positives in bad situations. Change your mindset to make yourself grateful for the inconveniences. It’s possible to wake up and make the choice to be happy. 

Let me explain how this relates to the blog. This realization was one of the biggest contributors to how I was able to change my life. Once I found myself in a good place, I instantly wanted to help others feel the same way. Creating a website was the best idea I could come up with. 

Onto misconception number two: I shouldn’t start this blog because I’m scared of what people will say about it or me. – I’m not about to tell you that I was wrong and I stopped caring what people think about me, because that’s not the truth. I still care! I was wrong because I put other’s opinions over my own. I made their opinions more important than my own dream. I’ve realized that others aren’t the most important thing in my life, I am. 

Within correcting these misconceptions, I’ve found the concept and reason for the blog, and the confidence to publish it. I hope that I’ll be able to share what I’ve learned from my experiences and inspire someone. Worst comes to worst, I’ll just call it public journaling.🙂

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