Best Tips for Beginners to Get 200+ Instagram Followers Every Week

Not everyone cares about how many followers they get on Instagram, I know.

But this is helpful for the companies trying to grow on social media, bloggers wanting to bring traffic to their website, and aspiring social media influencers.

I started my blog’s Instagram two months ago. Yet, in the past two days, I’ve gained 150 followers.. because I know the right techniques to have exponential growth.

First, I’m going to be upfront with you guys. You can grow a lot within a certain amount of days when you use these strategies, but you still have to spend a lot of time doing it. I probably put in 4 hours of work to get those 150 followers within 2 days. – Realistically, you won’t spend 2 hours a day, solely on this. Honestly, I probably do it about 2x a week.. if that. You should also keep in mind that these numbers fluctuate.. you aren’t guaranteed a certain amount of followers for the hours you put in.

So, with that said, here’s the best way to invest your time for maximum results.. (I saved the best for last!)

Posts must be aesthetically pleasing, relatable, and relevant to your niche. If your photo doesn’t impress someone in the two seconds that it takes to scroll past it, you’ve failed. People are naturally drawn to content that’s pleasing to the eye. Aside from that, you want to make your photos and captions real and relatable to your followers. Lastly, make sure that your content has aesthetic and (especially) content similarity.

Shameless plugs.. Everywhere. I didn’t want to post about my blog on my personal instagram, but I sucked it up and did it. And if I hadn’t – people wouldn’t have followed it, shared my content, or even supported it.. Because they wouldn’t have known about it! Especially if you’re starting from 0, share it everywhere! If you have a website, Pinterest, Youtube, etc – make sure to link your Instagram somewhere.

Make friends through your account. DM people and brands in your niche. Ask them questions or tell them you like their content! It never hurts to make a connection.

Additionally, if you talk to people with the same goals, you’re bound to learn something from one another. But even more importantly, you can share each other’s content and engage with each other on posts, which will help you get noticed more often.

Be engaged, but don’t post too much. So, what’s too much? There’s no specific answer. I’ll share one (permanent) post a day, around 5x a week. I’ll also throw in some Instagram stories as well, maybe 3x a week. You want to make sure that you’re posting enough to keep your followers interested and engaged, while drawing in new followers. But be careful, because over posting can cause people to get overwhelmed and annoyed, leading them to unfollow you.

Make sure your follower/following counts are pretty even. Most people think that if you have more followers than following, you’ll look more appealing. I don’t believe that! When I look to connect with a fellow influencer, I want to make sure that they are building relationships with their audience and following them back.

Use hashtags. First of all, I know using hashtags looks unprofessional, but there’s a way to hide them, and they are essential to gaining followers. Research hashtags within your niche. The ones you use should be relevant to the niche and the picture.

  • Post the photo with whatever caption you’d like.
  • To hide the hashtags, in a comment: Put 6 · ‘s, all on different lines. Then, when you’re on the last line with a dot, start writing down your 30 hashtags. If you want to see what this looks like, go check out @thesopblog on Instagram and check my comments!

Here we are, best for last.. Do this one as much as possible. Spend most of your time on this. It’s the quickest and easiest way to gain followers!

Engage with people 24/7.

  • Search through hashtags in your niche, and when you find some photos that you like, click on that person’s account and show them some love! Like a few posts, comment on 1, and give them a follow! They’ll most likely return the favor.
  • Remember, when you’re engaging – comments and follows mean a lot more than likes.

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Alright, that’s all I have for now! Maybe in the future, I’ll write more about my strategies, scheduling, or time management with social media. Until then, leave a comment below if there’s anything you’d like to see in future posts!

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