30 Day Mental Health Improvement Challenge

Yesterday, I asked on Instagram stories if you guys would want to see a mental health challenge (or something else instead) and I was honestly shocked at the positive response I got! I didn’t think it was going to be as popular as it was.

Maybe you won’t do every single thing on this list, but I encourage you to genuinely treat it like a challenge and dedicate a part of your day to trying new things. Every single number on this list has played a part in changing my life, and I have a good feeling it’ll do the same for you. 😉


Day 1. Take a social media detox day. Clear your mind of all the negativity that it brings to you and focus on the (real-life) present. 

Day 2.  Find 3-5 quotes that really resonate with you and empower you. Then, find ways to make yourself physically look at those quotes on a daily basis. Write them on your mirror, post sticky notes around your room, paint them & frame them, put them on your phone screen – up to you.

Day 3. Read a self-growth book. Not kidding, doing this alone literally changed my life. The reason that I started this blog is because of a self-growth book that I randomly decided to read. The two that I really recommend are both by Rachel Hollis – Girl, Wash Your Face and Girl, Stop Apologizing. 

Day 4. Follow inspirational people on social media. (No, that’s not just the cute aesthetic bloggers. It’s the people that share content that will genuinely inspire and empower you.)  After I started reading Rachel’s books, I started following her on Instagram – and then every time she posted something, I saw something positive, encouraging, and real on social media. Find a community like that. 

Day 5. Eat clean for the day. Try to figure out the effect that it has on you – not to look a certain way, but to see how it changes your mood, your energy levels, your confidence, etc. I actually encourage you to do this for about a week, just because it’ll give you a better sense of the changes. 

Day 6. Start a gratitude journal. Everyday, write down 3 things you are thankful for. You can also write down what you’re excited or happy about, just make it something positive.


Day 7. Write down your accomplishments. Write down what you contribute to the world. Write down what you love about yourself. Write down anything that will give you a sense of pride or allow you to see yourself in a positive light. 

Day 8. Take a walk or do some yoga alone. Doing this will give you time to be productive, but it will also allow you to dedicate time toward self-reflection. Go into it with an open mind. 

Day 9. Make a “feel-good” playlist. Add the songs that can change your mood instantly, give you confidence, make you excited, and pump you up with energy.

Day 10. Write down your life goals. What do you want your future to look like? No dreams are too big – write them down. I want a big freakin house, a pool in my backyard, quarterly vacations – and a nice salary. Is that a lot? Yeah. Is it still possible? Yeah. 

Day 11. Call one of your best friends and have a deep talk with them. Be each other’s therapists.

Day 12. Have a self-care day. Take the bubble bath, do the face mask, exfoliate, paint your nails – whatever you need to do to feel good about yourself for the day. 

Day 13. Find a good podcast to listen to – something wholesome. Not Call Her Daddy. Sorry.

Day 14. Write down what you’re struggling with. Why? What can you do to make it better? 

Day 15. Take a day to be super productive. Take 10 things you have to do and just knock them all out. It’ll give you a sense of hard work, pride, and accomplishment once you’re done.

Day 16. Have a photoshoot. Take pictures that make you feel beautiful and give you confidence. 

Day 17. Focus on your sleep. Sleep has a huge effect on my mental health. Sleeping is one of the first things that I do when I realize that my mood is off – and it works pretty much every time. 

Day 18. Go through your social media and delete all of the people who aren’t serving your positivity. For example – The ex, the people you graduated with and don’t like, the girls you stalk only because they’re pretty, and the boy that played you last year.. You get the point. 

Day 19. (If you aren’t a Christian, you can apply this to whatever religion you believe in.) Do a devotional, read your bible, pray, watch an online sermon, etc. 

Day 20. Find a hobby that you can lean on when you’re bored or having a bad day. For example, mine’s (obviously) blog-related things. 

Day 21. Create a go-to list for when you’re having a bad day. For example, my go-to’s are journaling, sleep, and distracting. Distracting can be a variety of things but usually is

something like YouTube or a funny movie – just something to get myself laughing. 

Day 22. Clean and organize your living space. It’ll get your body moving for a while and your mind will also feel de-cluttered when you’re done.  

Day 23. Forgive someone that you’ve held a grudge with. It doesn’t have to be to their face, but at least mentally forgive someone so you can move on. 

Day 24. Go exploring. Try something new. Get out of your comfort zone and be proud of yourself for doing it. 

Day 25. Get a haircut. Go blonder. Go red if you want. Do a self tan. Do something to give yourself a slightly new look and a confidence boost. 

Day 26. Watch the sunrise or sunset. Have some reflection time. 

Day 27. Create a daily routine of things you’d like to do. Mine is: wake up, eat, write down my goals & gratitude for the day, pray, clean, take my meds/pre, get ready for the gym and go, shower.. And then I start my day. I write this down every morning and check the list off as I go.

Day 28. Do something nice for yourself. Buy yourself flowers, treat yourself to a nice dinner, get a new bathing suit.. Something that will make you feel happy for the day. 

Day 29. If you truly struggle with mental health – write down what future events you’re excited for. I know a lot of people with mental health issues that don’t know if they’ll want to make it through tomorrow – let alone the next 6 months or 10 years. And for those people, it’s important to hold on to the small glimpses of excitement. For example, I’m excited to get (a socially distanced) breakfast with my friends on Monday. I’m excited for a real job, getting married, buying my first house, having kids, taking family vacations, and watching my kids do all the same things. 

Day 30. Reflect on what you’ve learned throughout this month and try to keep doing the things that really made a significant change for you. 

Hope you guys enjoy the challenge! Post pictures and tag me on Instagram @thesopblog if you decide to try any of these things out. 🙂 Happy Saturday!

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