How to Cope With Failure

Last week I talked about why failure was important, but I never said that it was easy. 

Failure can leave you to feel down on yourself, mad at the world, empty, sad, and whatever else – but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

You can still choose to be happy, be proud of yourself for other accomplishments, use the energy to work harder, and become better. 

So, how do we do this? How do we cope? 

Process emotions. Failure is hard. It’s normal for it to take a toll on your mental state. It’s okay to be sad about it for a while. So get your feelings out, try to understand why what happened the way it did, and process where you’re at now. 

Rely on your people. You have a support system for a reason. Ask for help, ask someone to listen to you vent, whatever you need. This is what friends and family are for. 

Don’t turn to self hate or doubt. So many people instantly see failure as their fault. Some things are out of your control. But even if it was 100% your fault, you still have done positive things otherwise and deserve to appreciate yourself. Give yourself grace. Try to focus on the things that you do appreciate about yourself.
You are human, failure is normal, you’re not alone, and you will be able to try again. 

Get back up. Fall.. Get back up. Don’t wallow in sorrow, self hatred, anger, fear, embarrassment or whatever else you may be feeling – because choosing to feel this way isn’t going to help you. You can feel sorry for yourself, but until you make the effort to change the situation.. You aren’t going to get better.

Learn from your mistakes. Figure out why things didn’t work the first time (or second/third/tenth time). See what you can do better next time, and then work on those things. Practice makes perfect. 

Put your energy towards doing better. Take the anger (or whatever emotions you’re feeling) and make that the fuel for doing better. Try harder, create something different, or practice until it’s perfect. 

Remember that what’s for you, will not pass you. Some failures lead to the greatest opportunities. Just because you missed the mark with this one thing – doesn’t mean that you’ll never get the chance to do it again. It doesn’t mean that you won’t find something better. Keep your head up.

Wow. I think this is the shortest blog post I’ve ever written! I’m kinda proud of myself. Anyway, I hope these tips helped. If you haven’t already, read my post from Wednesday. I think you’ll be able to (better) connect to what I’ve said today. But that’s all I’ve got! Just keep your head up and remember that you will do great things! xoxo

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