11 Tips to Boost Your Energy

I used to nap for 4 hours every single day. I’m not kidding. I couldn’t help it.

As I’ve said before, I think that my medication helps a lot with my sleeping habits now. But, even with the medication, I still have to find ways to force myself to keep my energy up and stay out of bed.

Obviously, I’m not perfect and I still take a nap from time to time.. But I can honestly say that I probably take a nap about once or twice a month – and I only do it if I absolutely have to, like there’s literally no other option.

But this doesn’t have to pertain to just naps. You can try some of these things even if you just want to put a little extra pep in your step and be a little more productive throughout the day.

Either way, here are my tips. I saved the best for last 😉

Stay out of bed or other relaxing areas. I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t do this often, but I’m writing this post from my bed.. And I’ve debated taking a nap multiple times today. I don’t know what it is that tricks my mind every time I sit here.. But I get tired every freaking time. So I can’t tell you why, but just stay away.

Exercise. I write about exercise as a way to fix everything.. I know. But I mean, it’s true. I even avoid working out at night because I’ll stay up till 2 or 3 in the morning because I’m still pumped up. I would truly think it’s the other way around, but no. Anyway, just try working out for a week and you’ll see a difference. You might wanna double check me on this, but I’ve also heard that exercise helps you sleep better if you work out in the morning.

Caffeine. No brainer, I know – but it realllly does help. Drink some coffee in the morning, use some pre workout before you head to the gym, get a caffeinated tea.. Up to you on how you get some in, just don’t try these all at once.. or you’ll be shaking and having extreme anxiety. Also, you should probably avoid the soda. It has caffeine, but it’s definitely not good for you and it eventually gives you a sugar crash.

Bring a lot of light into the room. You know how you’re told not to go to bed with the TV on? It’s because the light is a simulator. It keeps you awake so you don’t fall asleep when you’re actually tired/ready for bed. But during the day, the light is super helpful. Go outside or open the curtains by your desk and watch it work wonders.

Engage your mind. If you have no purpose for the day, it gets pretty easy to take the lazy way out. Make sure that you have tasks to do and a timeline for doing them, it helps give you focus. Even if it’s just busy work or something light.. It’ll help.

Have a diet that fuels you. I know when I’m not eating great for a couple of days, I start to notice a huge difference in my motivation and energy levels. When I’m feeling bloated and fat, all I wanna do is lay in bed. Also, like I said earlier, when you’re eating/drinking something with a lot of sugar in it – you’re gonna crash. So, look up the foods that give you energy!

Speaking of food.. Smell a lemon. I’m serious. It’s like scientifically proven, I swear. I think the term is called aromatherapy. Anyway, you can smell specific scents and they’ll trigger certain reactions. (On the other hand, if you’re trying to sleep, I’ve heard lavender is really good. Mint is also used for stress relief.)

Drink the dang water. I know, I don’t like it either, I promise. But, when you’re dehydrated, you’re way more likely to feel sluggish and tired.. sometimes even sick. So, just do it, there’s also like a million other health benefits too. 🙂

Change the temperature in the room. I’m not going to lie, this probably isn’t the most effective out of all the examples I’ve given, but it does help. I really do work better when I’m a little bit chilly. Maybe it’ll be the opposite for you, but give it a try!

Listen to uplifting music, loud. I always feel a little happier and more energized when I’ve got some loud music on. Maybe I’m just jamming in my room, or I’m listening to motivational music on a run.. but it really does change my mood.

Alright, as promised.. Here’s the best for last.

Do something that excites you. Think about something that you really care about. Like if you really love surfing.. It doesn’t matter if you have to get up at 6am to catch the waves – that’s what you’re gonna do, because you love it.

Even if it’s something that doesn’t require physical energy.. It still works. I obviously love blogging & social media related work, and I could stay up till like 3 am working on it just because I love it. I force myself to go to bed earlier because I try to wake up around 7 to get a head start.. But you get the point.

Find something that you love, even if you can only do it for an hour a day, you’ll be excited up until you do it, and once you’re done, hopefully you’ll be able to keep some lingering energy.

Okay, that’s it! I’m glad I did this post because I even thought of a few different things that I can add into my own routine. Do you already do some of these things? Are you going to be able to add any of these into yours? Let me know! See you next week. 🙂

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