9 Lessons Learned in Quarantine

As I’m starting to see the light at the end of the quarantine tunnel, I think it’s really important to reflect on the lessons we learned in this hard season of life. I believe two things: everything happens for a reason and you can learn something from any situation. 

I think most people agree that this time made us thankful for normalcy. We’re more thankful for work, social interactions, busy lifestyles, and more. We’ve learned the importance of being able to hug our loved ones, participating in communities, and appreciating others’ hard work that usually goes unrecognized. But if we’re being 100% honest, we wouldn’t have realized these things in our previous lives. 

So, let’s remember this time for the good things that it brought and taught us. Here are some of my main takeaways.. 

Perspective is everything. In the beginning of quarantine, I took it as an opportunity to frick around. I ignored my routines, and I completely tripped up my mindset when I did that. I was upset with myself, upset with the circumstances, and upset that I didn’t see a way out anytime soon. But eventually, I chose to look at quarantine like an opportunity. And once I started looking at it in a positive light, it gave me the ability to become a better person, grow my platforms, plan for my future, and more. I just had to get my mindset right.

You get out what you put in. When I put in zero energy towards constructive things, I saw zero results. When I put unhealthy things in my body, I received an unhealthy mindset. When I finally decided to turn things around – I saw the complete opposite. I lost weight and got physically stronger, I doubled my social media platforms & website views, and I finally started 

feeling happy again – because I gave myself something to feel proud of and happy about. 

It’s okay to not always be at your best. We were in the midst of a world freaking pandemic. We navigated a new normal. Many of us missed opportunities or significant events. Some lost jobs, homes, and more. That stuff is hard guys! It’s okay to take a break from your best self to breathe and recalculate. Sometimes, you just have to get through to the next day, and that’s okay. So if you gained a few pounds, binged Netflix, had a little too much wine, or ignored work – it’s okay. 

It’s possible to have courage while you’re scared. I learned this from “Beans” at the virtual RISE conference I watched. The basic message was this: Having courage doesn’t happen because of the lack of fear. Courage takes place when you’re scared, but you still have confidence that you can survive that situation. 

Take nothing for granted. I’ve learned to stop overlooking my health, the roof over my head, the food in my belly, the friends and family that I love, the busy lifestyle that I live, and so much more. 

Breaks are necessary. Maybe this is just something that I personally learned, but I had no idea how much I needed a break until I was forced to have one. I didn’t know how much better I could be when I had a full night’s sleep, or a few hours of ‘free time’ during the day. I’ve always hated taking breaks, but this time made me understand that I function better with them. 

Environment matters. My mindset completely changed between the time that I spent laying in bed versus the time that I spent active and productive. What news you watch, who you talk to, where you spend your time, how you spend your time – it all matters. 

Struggle prepares and strengthens you. If this is ever to happen again, I already know how to handle it. I know that I need to keep my routines, stay busy, and stay healthy. I gained strength when I learned to pull myself out of the mental rut I was in halfway through this Coronavirus experience. We survived this hard time, and we’re more prepared for the hard things life throws at us. 

Keep freaking going. No matter how sad, frustrated, or scared we were, we made it through. You don’t have to keep going with perfection and grace, but you keep going no matter what. Whether we learned, changed, pivoted, worked through, moved on, or all the above – we did it, even when it was hard.

So those are the things that I will choose to remember about this quarantine. I hope you do the same. I hope you appreciate it for the positive aspects it brought to our lives. Lastly, as you head back out into the world, stay safe for yourself and your loved ones! xoxo

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