Why Network Marketers Have a Bad Reputation + How to Fix It

I’m going to be extremely honest with you guys. Before starting my network marketing company, I hated network marketers. I was annoyed every time I got a message from one. I thought that these women would say anything to get me to join their business, so I didn’t trust any of them. I also didn’t trust that you could be successful in these types of businesses. 

Fast forward a few months, I’m working in a network marketing company. I swear, it’s like the last thing on the planet that I ever expected to say. 

I think the main reason that I hated NWM companies was because I had been reached out to by so many women who didn’t know how to market. I’ll give a few examples.. 

They sent cold messages. “Hey girl, I love your profile! I think you’d be great at what I do, would you be interested in hearing more about ____?” 

What pissed me off the most about this was the fact that some girls didn’t even follow me when they sent messages like this. That’s so ingenuine! But even if they did follow me, I’d seen the same message hundreds of times – so I knew it was BS anyway. 

They didn’t take no for an answer. There’s a difference in sharing an opportunity and begging for someone to take the opportunity. If you’re not understanding no, you’re begging for someone to take the opportunity, which turns people off 10x more. 

I didn’t love seeing their products being featured on their page 24/7. What network marketers need to realize is that people don’t follow you to basically see “commercials” for your product. That’s like turning on The Office and seeing 50 minutes of commercials and 10 minutes of the actual show.

So, I think those were the main reasons why I was against NWM. I got a bad taste in my mouth from the women who did it incorrectly. 


I won’t lie, in the beginning, I was also too excited to make money. I was extremely excited by the Plexus compensation plan, so I spent a lot of time sending cold messages. I didn’t send messages like most other NWMs so I didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong (by sending cold messages), but I still didn’t really get to know someone before pitching the business, and I completely regret that. Did I make sales? Yes, a good amount, honestly. But eventually, I did some self reflecting and honest thinking – and I reminded myself that I am a very genuine person who extremely values relationships and good people, and I didn’t feel like I was embodying that in the way that I was reaching out to other people.

Ever since that realization, I made a promise to myself that I’m not going to compromise my integrity, even if I’m not technically doing something wrong. So, since then, I have changed my strategy of marketing. 

So how do we, as NWMs, change our reputation?

Learning. Like I said, I’ve been in this business for a very short amount of time. But I’m always learning, and I think that’s the first step to changing the reputation. Listen to podcasts, read books, or watch videos on how to market in a genuine way. 

Building relationships. Don’t reach out to potential clients just to make a sale. Reach out to people, as a friend, to make a connection with them. If they want to buy in the future, great. The door is open.. But don’t push the products or the business on them. 

30/70 content balance. 30 being the percentage of business promotion you do, leaving 70% for real content that people followed you for. And just in my opinion, this should be the highest ratio that you should ever have. I would normally say more like 20/80.

Understanding that this business isn’t for everyone. I know that it’s frustrating when someone doesn’t fully understand or agree with the opportunity that you want to share with them – but that’s their choice. The more that you try to convince or pester them, the more desperate you’re going to look. 

Staying true to ourselves and values. Don’t let the excitement of money change you into something you’re not. Promote what you truly believe in, be honest with others, do what’s best for others, etc. The more genuine you are, the more appreciation and sales you will get. If you know deep down that you aren’t with the best team or company – make the switch. I know it’s scary, but it’s so much more worth it to be surrounded in a good and healthy environment. Join a company that has good values. Join people who have good values. 

Understand that things take time. You don’t build an empire within your first couple months. If you aren’t seeing the success that you’d hoped for – that’s okay. Don’t result in acting desperate for sales or quitting. 


Alright, that’s all of my advice that I can share for now. For the people reading this who aren’t network marketers, give others grace. Most of us are good people, we just have a job to do. We’re always learning and trying to do better, but we aren’t perfect. 

Even though I was extremely annoyed when other NWMs reached out to me, I would always be friendly anyway because I wanted to believe the best in people. And because I did that, I have learned from a lot of great women (who are network marketers) about leadership, self growth, entrepreneurship, etc. I have also made some really good friends too. Just remember, they are people too! 

In a future post, I’ll share more about network marketing and my strategies on how to do it genuinely while still making good sales. If you are interested, make sure to subscribe to my email list. I send out bi-weekly notifications with new blog posts, small influencer tips and resources, and more. Have a great rest of the week! Xoxo

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