Hey, I’m Carmen!

Behind the Brand

I’m here to help you discover the power that you’ve been holding back — proving to you that you’re beyond capable and worthy of creating a life you’ve only experienced in your dreams. Because even if you can’t see it now, and no matter where you’re at, I have full faith that you can choose to show up for yourself and manifest what you deserve. 

Life’s a journey, not a destination. Working towards your best self is never easy, and progress isn’t always linear, but having the right tools and a community of women cheering you on will make falling in love with the process a whole lot easier!

About Me

I’m a small town girl from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, transplanted in Wilmington, NC! I’m a content creator, as well as a social media & marketing assistant through my company, The SOP Marketing + Management Co. You can find me walking the Wrightsville Beach loop, painting, watching Netflix, or maybe even in the middle of a home decor store. 😉 

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with various mental health disorders. Ever since, I’ve put a focus on learning and bettering myself while helping others in the same space. I created The Sustainability of Positivity after reading a personal development book series that completely changed my perspective and allowed me to turn my life around. And since I’d like to think that I’ve learned a few things over the years, I’m hoping that I can share some knowledge that will help someone else on a similar path. One of my biggest goals in sharing my story is changing the stigma on mental health disorders, but I also hope to inspire, encourage, and motivate other women to unapologetically become their best selves. ❤️

I hope you’ll stick around and join the ride! 

xoxo, Carmen 

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