Growing Self Confidence: Advice for Women in their 20’s

Ready for this growing self confidence advice? Take it from someone who’s spent 90% of her life extremely self conscious: Confidence is liberating. I never understood how much anxiety and stress came with insecurities until I gained the confidence I’d needed so badly.  Once you become confident in yourself and start to understand what youContinue reading “Growing Self Confidence: Advice for Women in their 20’s”

Becoming Independent from Other People, Objects, & Habits

From personal experience, I believe that we can be dependent on three different things: other people, objects, or habits. There’s nothing wrong with being dependent on others in certain situations. We’re human and sometimes we need to lean on and be with others. Trust me, it’s normal. But it does become an issue when youContinue reading “Becoming Independent from Other People, Objects, & Habits”

Since My Mental Health Diagnosis: Why You Should Ask for Help

In honor of today being World Mental Health Day, I wanted to share a little bit more about my mental health recovery and why I’m so glad that I finally decided to seek help! I think a lot of people are scared to get mental help because they are afraid of what they’ll find outContinue reading “Since My Mental Health Diagnosis: Why You Should Ask for Help”

Unspoken Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

I recently realized that I subconsciously haven’t wanted to speak much on my bipolar disorder because of the huge stigma that it carries. Once I realized that I’d been avoiding it, my first thought was to make a post because that’s why I created this blog – to erase the stereotypes and stigmas that mentalContinue reading “Unspoken Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder”

Invalid Excuses for Not Going to Therapy

Therapy is a great decision for anyone. Even if you are a happy and healthy human, I still recommend therapy. It’s not just talking about your traumatic experiences with a stranger, and you don’t have to be depressed or crazy to want to go. You can go to therapy to learn how to create goodContinue reading “Invalid Excuses for Not Going to Therapy”

What Not to Say to People With Depression

Depression is a very sensitive topic, and you never know who’s battling with it behind the scenes. I did for 18 years, and people were still severely shocked when I told them. So just do everyone a favor, and avoid saying these things in general!  For those of you who don’t suffer from depression: IContinue reading “What Not to Say to People With Depression”

How to Become Your Own Therapist

After being diagnosed with my mental health disorders, I’ve basically become my own therapist. Obviously, I do not recommend that everyone should be their own therapist, because everyone has different circumstances or severities of issues – and professional therapy is amazing if you can do it! I’m just personally in a stable enough place whereContinue reading “How to Become Your Own Therapist”

9 Lessons Learned in Quarantine

As I’m starting to see the light at the end of the quarantine tunnel, I think it’s really important to reflect on the lessons we learned in this hard season of life. I believe two things: everything happens for a reason and you can learn something from any situation.  I think most people agree thatContinue reading “9 Lessons Learned in Quarantine”

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Staying Motivated

Why did I call this The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Staying Motivated? I am one of the laziest people that I know. If I could lay in bed all day with no consequences, I 100% would. But I have lots of goals, and so do you. That’s why you decided to read this blog post!Continue reading “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Staying Motivated”

11 Healthy Ways to Give Your Mind a Break

I’m going to start out by saying one thing: breaks are necessary. I won’t lie, I absolutely hate taking breaks. I feel like I’m being lazy and not reaching my full potential for the day – but that’s not true. I have to teach myself to think about it like this.. Working hard all theContinue reading “11 Healthy Ways to Give Your Mind a Break”